My code is trying to kill me

Is this still on?

01.08.2018In Projects

I'm just wondering if my static publisher is still working. I just noticed that I eat my own dog food (that's Spolsky's term - google it, I don't know how to add links now). In the last few years I wrote some applications that I use often, some of them daily, and they just work.

Hm, the problem is that I don't know my markup syntax anymore. Well, let's do the plain-text only now.

Static publisher - I'm using it to post articles on the blog and they are formated exactly as I want them. I didn't use it fore some time but if you are reading this online then it works.

Car sharing monitor - I have a web app that crawls facebook car sharing groups to find me a ride when I need one. Without that app, I would have to monitor facebook groups and manually search for rides on my route. If I am too slow, on busy days rides get full in minutes. This app monitors groups for me and alerts me if it finds the ride on my route. I'm usualy able to reserve my ride before anybody else.

Stock monitoring app - Not the live monitoring, I don't need that. I'm trying to be a value investor. This app downloads financial information about companies, their fundamentals and price. I wrote a formula that scores the stock depending on its value and selects what should my portfolio look like and compares to the current state. Of course, the hard part was to learn everything about investing. This app is my knowledge base. It's also fun to apply math to finances.

N3R (Not Really an Rss Reader) - my most used app ever. When Google pulled the plug on their RSS reader (Google reader?) I was in trouble. For years I currated my list of blogs that are worth reading. It shouldn't be a problem to switch to another Rss reader, right? But it is, because what I expect from Rss and what they all provide is so different. I just need a notification that there is a new article, and when i click on it it should open the article in a new window, in full context of the website and mark the item as read. And now I have the app for that.