My code is trying to kill me

Project Economix 2

26.12.2014In Projects

Funny things happen when you want to write code but first have to grasp the problem domain. And thoroughly so that you gotta learn something in the way. Supply, demand, elasticity... Simple stuff. I learn that in school. But programming the economy raises some new questions, like:

  • When does economy begin?
  • How does world without economy looks like?
  • Why can't we all be rich and prosperous?

Answers on first two questions are simple. Economy begins when resources are scarce. That's why you have economy for food but not for air. Air is still abundant, but food is not. Once air runs out in some way, there will be economy around it. Same happened with water. Selling water was unheard of two generation ago but it became completely normal to this generation.

Early hunter-gatherer society did not have food economy, anybody who was hungry could just pick or hunt something, there was enough of it. So, the questions is:

  • if there was enough for everybody and everybody was happy, why it didn't stay like that?

Well, humanity is in the trap: Malthusian trap.