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Static publisher motivation

09.12.2014In Projects

I strive for years to write regularly on topics I'm interested in, but it seems I just can't do it. On one side, I'm perfectionist but on the other I'm not skilled yet in writing and also not quite fluent in English. That means I'm in constant deadlock where my every article is not quite good enough to publish it. Without publishing, there is no point in writing as you don't get any returns and without writing, my writing skills stagnate. So, either I won't write or I have to lower my criteria. This is the result: I'm writing my first article and publishing it as it is.

After settling down over my perfectionism obstacle, I need to simplify my workflow. I want to be able to fire up Writemonkey, spew my thoughts in it and be done with it. Current workflow that is based on copying text to Wordpress is too distracting. I want my workflow with my rules - and that's why I'm writing static site generator/publisher. With it I'll just write, and it will handle everything else. And as a bonus, I have first topic and few things to say about it.

And blog format just doesn't feel right. Sometimes I just want to create a short mind dump, like tweet or just a little longer, maybe I'll merge articles later. Sometimes I'll incoherently rumble about topic I don't fully understand. Other times I want to write a well structured research article. All those just aren't on the same level and publishing platform should respect this.